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Some of our most popular Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV shows on Outdoor Channel are those that I video myself with the amazing HunterCam Cradle. I've used and abused this great product for many years now and it still serves me well as I share my passion for the hunting lifestyle with millions of Americans. I am able to do so because of the HunterCam Cradle. It is simply the best there is. Ted Nugent - Spirit of the Wild

Our ACM Crew & POSSE have used The HunterCam Cradle systems for a long time and they have always worked great no matter the situation or tree. It is important to have equipment you can rely on and trust and we trust HunterCam.  Americas Favorite Hunting Couple and host of the ARCHERS CHOICE & THE CHOICE TV Shows...
Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo and their POSSE

"Got a chance to use your product over Thanksgiving. I was able to successfully film a kill on my first try (and only my second time in the woods with a camera). Love the HunterCam Cradle. I have the videos from Thanksgiving on YouTube and I have your product name in the description. Search under cmurph6021. Thanks for a great product!!" Jonathon Hust

"I recently purchased The HunterCam Cradle HD for the 2010 Deer Season Wow!! Is all I have to say. All the other Tree Arms until I purchased this one (and that was Many)Were Junk!! And like almost everything else in life, quality comes with more of a price but for The HunterCam Cradle, it was worth Every dollar!!! I just ordered my second tree Extension XT. The Extension's are a must!!! I purchased two so I can have 2 tree stand locations, then the only thing I have to do, is take 5 seconds to unclamp The HunterCam Cradle off the Tree Extension then clamp it on to the next extension if I have to move. Very Very Fast, With Little effort!! Rock Solid, Smooth, Moves all the way around the tree, Zero Noise, Awesome Large handle to hold on to while moving your video camera around. A+ You will not find Better! Trust me Ive Tried!!!"

Thanks Again! Steve Purvis, Kentucky Outdoor Adventures

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed filming hunts with The HunterCam Cradle Pro. It made all the difference in the world in being stable and rock solid. Not only does it help you with the animals that come in the way you plan, but with a little practice, you can get shots that were out of reach before. Thanks again for a great product!" Lee Isbell, Outdoor Adventure Productions

Mr. Kurtts - I just wanted to thank you. I got the HunterCam Cradle last week. I have used it several times. It is awesome. I belong to a few hunting forums. One is Nodak Outdoors. They have a huge members list. I posted the below message. I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't believe in it. You have a great product. You can also find it if you go on the link above, go to "Forums", then "Deer Hunting". The thread is called "Camera Mount". I also belong to Predator Masters and plan to post it on there as well. Thanks again. Good Luck. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you want.
Mark C Capano

Dear Mr. Kurtts - I just wanted to write you quick and tell you how pleased I am with your treestand mount I just purchased a few weeks ago.  Last week I was fortunate enough to video a young buck and lay down some awesome footage.  I feel it was great practice.  I too hunt from an ol'man treestand, simply for the comfort and possibility of having to make the shot at all different angles.  I definitely now have the confidence I will be able to lay down "the shot."  Some might think we're crazy for having to move "twice" to video and to shoot, but I think you have "the mount' that allows a good bowhunter an even bigger rush now!  I'll be in the tree wed. and thurs., hopefully I can get you some testimonial footage your looking for!  Thanks again!  Take Care!
~ Chris Hunter 

Russell - I have already began using your product filming my son in our youth gun season , it works great!!!
~ Earl Williams

Jacob Walker: Philip and I have been using the HunterCam Cradle ever since we first started filming. I have to admit, we have tried every other arm out there and when it is all said and done, nothing compares to the sturdiness and three pivoting arms that the HunterCam Cradle has.

Philip Pitts: With all the new camera support systems coming out, it can sometimes be hard to know what works best... Jacob and I have tested every arm that we can get our hands on, and nothing compares to the compact and user friendly HunterCam Cradle.

"I've used just about every tree arm on the market, and the HunterCam Cradle is by far the most VERSATILE, it's EASY and QUIET to set, it has great MANEUVERABLIITY . . . . it's without a doubt the BEST I've ever used."
Brandon Adams
Buckventures Outdoors

Dear HunterCam Cradle,

I want to first start off Thanking you for the camera mounting systems you manufacture. I have filmed hunts going on 5 years now. The number one thing that I and everyone else caught static over was "SHAKY FOOTAGE." After awhile you get better at it, but not perfect! I began using " Tree Arms" about 2 years ago. Man what a difference! I have tested several different manufacturers, some ok some not so ok. None of them were versatile or easy to use. Then I came accross " The HunterCam Cradle", the "HD" model to be exact, and wow!!! This is the most versatile camera arm on the market today. I film from climbers most of the time, and The Hunter Cam Cradle is the only one that that possible without having several other pieces.

The HD is compact, and fits right in my back pack, and heavy duty to stand up to the larger cameras used today. The HD is quiet, sturdy and most of all easy to use. The quality of your products are top notch. When I'm filming from a lock on, I just attach the HD to the Tree Extension Adapter and I'm ready to go. I can't wait to use the other mounting systems you produce. Thank you for manufacturing the best camera mounting system in the industry. By the way, I dont' get yelled at any more for "Shaky Footage."

Thanks, Troy
Troy Lauffer
Team BackwoodsTM


Thank's for such an outstanding product like The HunterCam Cradle. I've been filming my hunts for several years now and I have tried virtually every tree arm available. The HunterCam Cradle does it ALL without the annoying camera bounce and excess noise created by the "other guys" tree arms. The convenience of attaching the unit directly to a tree or to a treestand is like having TWO QUALITY TREE ARMS IN ONE!

You can choose to pay more for other "copy-cat" style arms, but you won't be getting more for your hard earned money. The HunterCam Cradle is the original in high quality, built in the USA camera arm that every serious videographer should have in your pack. Oh, did I mention it actually fits in your pack too? Outstanding!

Steve Olson
Olson Outdoors

Thank you so much for letting me know about my order delivery status. I love your products but your customer service is why I will continue to recommend you. ~Steve Richey


Just wanted to let you know I have used your camera mount and it is awesome!
I finally got a couple small bucks at 8-10 yards on video today and it worked great. I used it with my ladder stand and it mounts perfectly on the side rail of the stand. Had I shot one of the bucks I saw I would have easily captured it all on video. Thank you for the deal on the original HunterCam Cradle and I'm glad I went with the original model.

Thanks again.
Todd from Wisconsin

I purchased the HunterCam Cradle Pro and it works awesome! I use it with a Canon XH-A1. This year I used it to tape myself fiming a 171 main frame 10, and my buddy and I have 6 more kills on tape a 147, 135, and 4 does to date. This truly is a great product. It does not matter if you are a just starting or a seasoned pro, it really allows great stability with awesome maneuverability. Keep up the good work on you products.

Mike Russell

"When you spend as many days in the field filming and packing equipment in and out, every ounce counts! Thanks HunterCam for building the Pro model light, packable and strong!"

Brian Hollaway


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