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The concept behind the HunterCam Cradleís design is simple. Create a high quality, user-friendly camera mount that really works! And to help you understand that concept fully, here are some explanations from the designer Russell Kurtts, to the questions that video inclined sportsmen want to know:

1. Q: What is The HunterCam Cradleģ?

A: As our U.S. Patent reads, it is a highly adjustable optical device support. From a hunting standpoint, itís a clamping, self-leveling, swiveling arm camera support for those who enjoy video taping there own hunts.

2. Q: Iíve seen other products similar to these in retail stores and catalogues. Whatís different about The HunterCam Cradle?

A: Everything! Although the concept is the same, video taping your own hunt, the HunterCam Cradle has gone way beyond the other versions, in terms of quality, versatility, and stability. Itís quiet and compact. We actually put some thought into this. The HunterCam Cradle is rigid and steady, unlike those other models that are flimsy and shaky. Most importantly, your camera is secure when attached to the HunterCam Cradle. Other mounts attach only to trees, whereas, the HunterCam Cradle can be applied to the treestand or the tree.

3. Q: So I can attach to the tree or the treestand. Which is best?

A: When I thought this thing up while hunting, the only place that seemed the most accessible and convenient for set-up was on the front or side rail of my climber stand. This mounting location put my camera in the most direct line of sight with the target, therefore limiting my hand motion. Everything about my camera and my bow is in very short reach. I shoot right-handed and almost exclusively with a bow, so with me standing up, the mount is directly to my side, positioned slightly forward. I can point my camera, draw my bow, shoot, and if I think about it, swing the camera to follow through with the target.

4. Q: Seems like attaching a camera arm to the stand would be shaky?

A: Itís not really like it seems. Now if you move suddenly while sitting, youíll get a very small amount of shake. But you shouldnít be moving suddenly anyway, especially with the camera rolling and deer present. When standing, youíre not in contact with the stand anyway. With the stand securely fastened to the tree, the mount is stable and maneuverable. It all works quite well. Iíve got the video to prove it. Also, being relaxed while shooting video is key. It lessens your chance for fatigue, hence making it possible to maneuver the camera smoothly.

5. Q: I hunt almost exclusively from a hang-on type stand and I tried one of those inexpensive camera arms that strapped to the tree. It was very awkward to reach, and all I could do was record to one side and partially to the front. What does The HunterCam Cradle offer thatís similar?

A: More convenient set-up options, better reach and stability. Remember earlier when I spoke of accessibility? I incorporated the concept of the convenience of a stand mount to a tree mounting application. An adaptor called the Adjustable Tree Extension in essence took the place of a missing side rail on a hang-on stand. By attaching the HunterCam Cradle to the extension on the tree at waist height, you will basically have the reach and maneuverability of the camera mount on a climber.

6. Q: I hunt from climber stands, hang-ons, tripod stands, and shooting houses. Can I use The HunterCam Cradle on all of those?

A: Sure. Most of these stands, The HunterCam Cradle will clamp directly to it. If it canít, the HunterCam product line offers an adaptor that will solve that problem. Check out the Accessories page for a complete illustration. Now, some shooting houses may not offer a place to attach The HunterCam Cradle or and adaptor because the panels are plastic and very flimsy. So, you may be able to clamp down on a shooting window.

7. Q: What size camera mount do I need?

A: It just depends on your equipment and your interest level in making video. The HunterCam Cradle and The HunterCam Cradle Mini are mounts for cameras up to 3lbs. The HunterCam Cradle HD is for devices up to 6lbs, and the Pro is rated up to 12 lbs.

8. Q: Iím a physically challenged sportsman. I do enjoy making video, but I could use something to support my rifle. Can The HunterCam Cradle do that and be attached to my wheel chair?

A: In most cases yes. It will clamp directly to it, or with the help of a Round Tube Adaptor. It just depends on the model of wheel chair. We can custom build adaptor brackets to fit most chairs to give The HunterCam Cradle a convenient place to be attached. All we need is some photos and specifications.

9. Q: How can I possibly maneuver a camera and my weapon and still get a shot on tape.

A: Itís a lot easier than it sounds. Really! I took care in designing a mount that would put your camcorder in the most accessible spot to minimize hand motion, and view the most area around your stand. Itís all about hand to eye coordination like I mentioned earlier. I caught my first bowshot on tape not even a week after using the first HunterCam Cradle prototype. And the camcorder didnít even have a flip-out LCD screen.

10. Q: Iíve seen some of the demo video youíve made. The quality and camera angles are comparable to what I see on television. How much is made with The HunterCam Cradle?

A: Most all of it. You can tape nearly every angle of your hunt from the HunterCam Cradle. On the ground and from the treestand. The HunterCam Cradle can be used on the ground as basically a legless tripod. Create video takes of walking to the stand or kneeling next to your trophy after the hunt. From the stand, create takes of telling about the hunting conditions, cut-away shots of drawing a bow or sighting a gun, the shot, and more. Just use your imagination! Then you can dub those clips onto VHS or DVD and create a sequential scenes hunting video.

11. Q: Where is the HunterCam product line made?

A: Proudly in the U.S. of A! Specifically, in the great hunting state of Alabama.

12. Q: What kind of warranty do I get and how well does The HunterCam Cradle hold up in inclement weather?

A: You get a complete parts and labor warranty for a year and then its limited for the next 2 years. Most all of The Huntercam Cradle is weather proof. Water, humidity and extreme temperatures have never seemed to effect the performance of any model camera mount. No maintenance is required other than maybe a good wipe down and shot of oil on a knob at some point. Treat it like your gun or camera and it will last for years.


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